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Fast Track Worldwide Logistics


BTS Consulting would like to congratulate Fast Track Worldwide Logistics for successfully implementing and achieving ISO 9001 certification. Fast Track was formed in 2002 as a logistics Service Provider with a primary emphasis on Ocean Transportation.\r\n\r\nFast Track has also acquired Action Monitoring Software to support the implementation of all improvement activities as part of their ISO 9001 Implementation.

City of Fort Lauderdale


BTS Consulting has been hired to support the implementation and certification of the City of Fort Lauderdale. BTS Consulting is pleased to be part of such an important initiative. As part of the implementation support, BTS Consulting is deploying its proprietary software (Action Monitoring) AMS which allows users to manage and control the execution of the project, combining the talent of our experts and the innovative use of software.



Optym and BTS are working in unison in order to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Optym is the market leader in creating and delivering technology solutions to optimize the planning and operations of the global transportation and logistics industry. Based in Gainesville, Florida, they develop advanced planning, scheduling and data analytics software using an innovative blend of operations research, computer science and vast industry knowledge. BTS utilize an innovative approach to success by combining the talent of its consultants and the use of the proprietary software AMS (Action Monitoring) to manage and control the completion of the task.